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Elaine Doll-Dunn

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Marathon Runner

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Rio de Janerio... Caipirinha (kampi.rijne), the Brazilian National Drink, made of lime, cane sugar, ice and Cachaca (hard liquor made of sugar cane)... it goes down waaay too smoothly. Local lore has it that when you have one, you smile. After two, you begin to dance, three, you speak Portuguese and four…you forget everything. I never spoke Portuguese, but I did do some dancing... Read the full article...

Coal House at the finish of the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

West, by God, Virginia!... Deep in the verdant Appalachians where the mighty Tug River separates West Virginia and Kentucky, the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s had a long running feud. To commemorate that Armageddon, 600 of us had our own long running feud; body, soul and will against one of toughest races on the North American Continent. On a vista that was coffee-table-book beautiful and in a perfect morning of mist laced mountains and soft spoken people; we launched our training and tenacity into the hills. Behemoth Blackberry Mountain, dripping humidity and suddenly searing sun threw the gauntlet…insouciantly pleasant volunteers, every-mile aid stations, and glorious scenery seduced us into this challenging journey through history.
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Magic In Medoc... Things I love about France: the music of language, the tempo of life, the crescendo of celebration. I savor their insouciant joie de vivre, their respect for manners, their value of ritual, and their culinary courage. Who would have considered eating snails? So it seemed fitting I celebrate my 75th birthday as only one of French ancestry should, with a run through the land of my grandfather.
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Height, History and Haggis... Hiking the Highlands- The sun sparkled loch a thousand feet below lapped gently at the shore…stark contrast to the glacier carved rocky outcropping where I clung, high up in the Cuillin Mountains. I looked up from the breath-taking vista to the big Scot leaning down to me, long arm outstretched. Before I released my death grip on the solid slab of sedimentary, however, I quavered, “Iain, did you love your mother?” Blue, blue laughing eyes twinkling in a bearded leather face…he grinned; “Aye, lass, I loved my mother, give me your hand.” And I was up and over to the next impossible boulder. Acrophobia is such a cross. Read the full article...

It's All Greek To Me... Hopa! - Measured footfall, rhythmic breath; a distant bird serenading the golden coast…my running companion spoke quietly. “Wow! Just think, when Pheidippides ran, this is what he heard, nothing but his breathing, the birds, and sandals on the sand.” It was true, the roads were closed to traffic, we were in a space of runners fore and aft…it was eerily wonderful.
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ALASKA (after the fact)

Elaine with Jody Gallino, running in the Badlands of South Dakota
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In 2008 Elaine was the recipient of the Spirit of Dakota Award. The Spirit of Dakota Award Society annually honors one woman, whose leadership qualities, courage, strength of character, and community commitment illustrate the best of South Dakota womanhood. The women nominated for this award are role models who promote the social, civic, cultural, and/or educational advancement of others.
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Among Elaine's accomplishments; beat cancer at age 56, ran 26.2 Marathons in 2000, ran from the Atlantic to the Pacific - 60 miles across Panama to celebrate her 60th birthday, Mrs. South Dakota at age 61. Completed Marathons in all 50 states.
Founded Leading Ladies' Marathon - all woman event in the Black Hills.
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Elaine completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, researching the self-efficacy of women who begin marathoning after the age of 40. Read Elaine's note; "AN EMERALD IN MY APRON POCKET".

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For Training Schedules and Coaching Tips visit the Marathon Training page. Elaine draws from her experience of coaching track and cross-country at both the collegiate and the middle school levels, thousands of miles of running, well over 100 marathons, and of course her "Elder Wisdom".

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