Height, History and Haggis... Hiking the Highlands
Elaine Doll-Dunn

The sun sparkled loch a thousand feet below lapped gently at the shore…stark contrast to the glacier carved rocky outcropping where I clung, high up in the Cuillin Mountains. I looked up from the breath-taking vista to the big Scot leaning down to me, long arm outstretched. Before I released my death grip on the solid slab of sedimentary, however, I quavered, “Iain, did you love your mother?” Blue, blue laughing eyes twinkling in a bearded leather face…he grinned; “Aye, lass, I loved my mother, give me your hand.” And I was up and over to the next impossible boulder. Acrophobia is such a cross. Read the full article...

If Clay Could Sing
Elaine Doll-Dunn

My friend, Lee died a month ago…89 years old. She was an exemplary potter and started many fine arts activities in Spearfish. This note and picture went to her daughters.
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It's All Greek To Me... Hopa!
Elaine Doll-Dunn

Measured footfall, rhythmic breath; a distant bird serenading the golden coast…my running companion spoke quietly. “Wow! Just think, when Pheidippides ran, this is what he heard, nothing but his breathing, the birds, and sandals on the sand.” It was true, the roads were closed to traffic, we were in a space of runners fore and aft…it was eerily wonderful.
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Elaine Doll-Dunn

My license plate says FT HPNZ. I’ve had various responses to it; “Fifth place in New Zealand?” “ Faith happens?” “Fat harpoonz?” None of the above. It stands for “Fit Happens!” An oblique message to myself as well as others, and a ‘clever’ reference to another current saying not quite so nice. However, it isn’t true. Fit doesn’t just happen, it takes work. A lotta work. Concerted effort, planned program, honest commitment.

I thought it might be interesting to spend a few columns on the alphabet of fitness; beginning with “A”.

Alphabet of Fitness
This "Alphabet of Fitness" series is twenty-six articles. Twenty-six- point-two is the distance of a marathon; seems appropriate. The point-two will be a few "foot notes."

A is for Attitude - B is for Benefits - C is for Commitment - D is for Distance - E is for Endorphins
F is for Fartlek - G is for Goals - H is for Heroes - I is for Italy - J is for Junk
K is for Kentucky - L is for LaLanne - M is for Marathon - N is for Nutrition - O is for Older
P is for Play
- Q IS FOR Quintessential - R is for Research - S is for Spider - T is for Training
U is for Understanding - V is for Visualizing - W is for Wedding - X is for Excellence
Y is for You - Z is for Zenith

Fitness by the Numbers

Power of 1 - 2 is Company - Three's a Crowd - 4 on the Floor - Take 5
6th Sense - 7th Heaven - The 8 Second Ride - The Whole 9 Yards - Top 10 - 11th Hour -
12 'Rep' Program
- A Baker's Dozen - Fourteen = Forte Night
15 Minutes of Fame - 16 Ounces - 17: Midgit Digits - 18 Weeks - Nineteen - Twenty A Plenty - Twenty-One... - Multi-Tasking - Emily is 23 - Four & Twenty - 25: Still Alive! - Rejoice! We Conquer!

Milli on Movement

Milli & Me - More on Milli - Re-cycle - Walkin' the Talk - Requiem for a Race
Shall We Dance? - In the Swim of Things

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