Elaine Doll-Dunn

Taking Risks

"I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by loving."
Anais Nin

Elaine in Scotland 2011  

Elaine Doll-DunnIn 2008 Elaine was the recipient of the Spirit of Dakota Award. The Spirit of Dakota Award Society annually honors one woman, whose leadership qualities, courage, strength of character, and community commitment illustrate the best of South Dakota womanhood. The women nominated for this award are role models who promote the social, civic, cultural, and/or eduational advancement of others.
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Below you will find several milestones in Elaine's life. We take risks when we want to achieve more than the average and experience the best of life.


At age 40
I began running
At age 41
I ran my first marathon
At age 51
I survived divorce
At age 52
I climbed Devil's Tower
At age 53
I had a major role in Last of the Red Hot Lovers
(My leading man was 35, we were a palindrome!)
At age 54
I placed second in a body building contest that was NOT age grouped!
At age 55
I ran the Centennial Trail-113 miles across South Dakota from Wind Cave National Park to the top of the Sacred Bear Butte
At age 56
I was challenged by cancer and won.

I ran a marathon in Siberia… stayed in hideaway built by Stalin
At age 57
I married Jerry Dunn during the Disney World Marathon, and finished the race. We were interviewed on The Today Show just after the ceremony at the Magic Kingdom.
At age 58
I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and won the marathon there the day after we got off the mountain.
At age 59
I won the swimsuit competition in the Golden Times Newspaper, and was featured on the front page and as the centerfold.
At age 60
I ran from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean across Panama, 60 miles, to celebrate my 60th birthday. Ocean to Ocean in a single day!
At age 61
I became Mrs. South Dakota, and participated at the national level for Mrs. America.  I was 30 years older than the other contestants, no, I did not place!
At age 62
- I ran a "Marathon of Marathons", 26.2 marathons in the year 2000.  One of these was completed with 3 of my children who were running their first marathon.  Also,
- I was chosen as the Foster Grant model for South Dakota.
At age 63
I wrote a book entitled 'Gotta Run….Life is a Marathon So Double Tie Your Shoes!'
At age 65
I completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, researching the self-efficacy of women who begin marathoning after the age of 40.
Read Elaine's note; "AN EMERALD IN MY APRON POCKET".
At age 66
I completed the Mount Rushmore International Marathon for the 25th consecutive year.
At ages 67
I launched the Leading Ladies’ Marathon; 26.2 mile race for women only.
At ages 69
- I won the Embrace Life Award from State Farm…$10,000 and an all expense paid trip to New York City for two. (Gave to BH to scholarship women runners; my power source.)

- I launched a TV series called Women Who Dare; spotlighting women who really LIVE life.
- I wrote book number two, Running On….A Sole’s Journey.
At age 70
I wrote book number three, 'FT HPNZ…A License to Run
At ages 71
I was chosen as the Spirit of Dakota, an award honoring the epitome of the prairie woman.
At ages 72
I wrote book number four, 'Fitness by the Numbers... Count on it'
At age 73
I traveled to Greece and ran the 2,500th running of the first marathon
which first happened in 490 BC.
At age 74
I flew to Scotland and climbed some of highest and scariest munros (mountains)
on the Isle of Skye.

Height, History and Haggis...
Hiking the Highlands
At age 75
I went to France for the Medoc Marathon and to celebrate my 75th birthday in the land of my ancestory.

Magic In Medoc
Ongoing Quest
Elaine is a member of the 50&DC Marathon USA
and has completed Marathons
in 49 states & D.C.

Elaine Doll-Dunn
(at Mt. Kilimanjaro)

To book Elaine for a speaking engagement: edoll@rushmore.com

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